Priderock's Ukubwa Kali
UCDX, URO1 Priderock's Ukubwa Kali Am/Can CDX
pictured here at 2.5 months old
Gus lives in Vermont, USA,
with his family Sam, Christina, Stewart and
his Aunie Nia !
Christina and Gus are quite a team! By the time Gus was 2 yrs old he had already earned t
American, Canadian and UKC obedience titles.

Most recently Gus has earned his Canadian CDX!!

Great work Christina and Gus!
Christina is the owner and head trainer at
DogTown Obedience School in Vermont.

Christina is also responsible for coaching
Gus' Aunt Nia to her Utility Dog Titles,
picking up some High in Trial &
Obedience Trial Champion Titles along the way.

This team also ranked among the top obedience Ridgebacks!

read more about Nia ...

D.O.B. -Feb 23, 2009
Can -CDX for Gus!